How to Open Your Third Eye

Did you know that you are psychic? and everyone else is too! So the thing is everyone is psychic, everyone has clairvoyant abilities and is intuitive – a lot of people sadly though just block it out. Whether it’s something you do when you’re a child and you decide one day that you don’t like this “knowing things all the time ability” so you block it out, or your parents tell you “knock that off” when you start predicting things and you start freaking them out. Other people do it through the subconscious style that we’ve adapted to eating poor foods and bad foods, things that actually calcify and block our third eye. There’s so many things we can do to heal it. The first thing would be to stop eating fast food, the second thing would be eating a little more healthy. Eat organic when you can, you drink more water and try not to do the whole fluoride thing. Try to stay away from. Try to get non-fluoridated items.

It’s the things that we do and the vibrations that we we live through, if we’re literally punishing ourselves for knowing things and were are blocking it out then you’re never going to find that psychic intuitiveness – again because you don’t want it. So you have to want it, but you can’t obsess over either because the problem when you obsess over it is that you start pushing it away because in your fear  you feel like you can’t ever obtained it fully. So you always want to be positive about it and just trust it and let it happen. But there’s little things you can do like the sun gazing, so you can go every morning and stare at the sun for morning, for the morning sunrise, or the afternoon sunset. You start with 10 seconds and every day you add 10 seconds, and you do it at the softest light so it’s right before that sunrise fully emerges or right before the sunset fully goes down. You just literally you gaze into the Sun and you let the light the energy of the Sun heal your third eye and you feel it. You feel the warmth, you feel it all embracing your third eye, feel that its healing and cleansing.

The Pope’s in the higher-ups used to do and if you’re ever caught doing this as a commentary you could be hung or set for trial so there’s something to be said about that if the Pope was doing it to have a higher consciousness and how you know they didn’t want to let the little guys rise up.

Surrounding yourself with purple also works! Purple is connected to the sixth chakra which is your third eye so it works with healing and activating it and letting that energy flow. There are certain herbs and crystals that helped like lavender amethyst, also because they’re purple. People who naturally love purple auras are really purple, they’re really intuitive, they’re really naturally clairvoyantly, abundant and a lot of them choose to block it out and they don’t understand why they love purple. They didn’t know that their aura was purple or that the reason why they knew things was because their third eye is so active and its trying to basically speak out and they’re literally ignoring it.

Children actually are naturally psychically inclined and you’ll know when you know sometimes people see their children talking to spirits or angels or fairies, that’s because they are there in a different dimension but the children can see them because they haven’t blocked out all the things of magic. They still believe in so much magic, they believe in the magic of a butterfly flying by.

The thing with the third eye is it helps us to better understand our own path in our own life, so if you’re not working on activating your third eye, you start to basically drift away from your true life calling and understanding what it is that makes you truly happy because you’re simply blocking it out. There’s meditations you can do to open your third eye and if you meditate and you pronunciate the word “though” by saying it really slow, almost like a song, there’s a vibration and its really that piece in your tongue or teeth where you feel it in your third eye area.

Also there is the Sheba’s agate stone. It’s is a great stone for meditation if you want to sit and meditate with it, you’ll feel it activating your third eye.

Purple, crystals, herbs, the way you eat the things you’re saying to yourself all effect your third eye. You can start using daily affirmations as well as simple affirmation such as “I am profoundly clairvoyant” or “my intuition is heightened” and “my psychic abilities are in full abundance” and repeating something simple like that every day and feeling it, you’ve got to believe it. That’s the whole part of magic is believing. Disney said it best and if you don’t believe it you’re not really helping yourself.

You can do little exercises to like guessing what’s in a box by having a friend and pairing up together and putting an object in little boxes or putting things under a cup and trying to see whats under it. Practicing with each other, you and a friend is really good, you feel it’s strengthening because also you start getting better, but if you feel that you’re feeling it too much, don’t let it get to you, just take a break go back at it like a couple days later and see that you’re clear .

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