Psychic Seduction

A lot of times people think of psychic seduction as a way to dominate the other person psychically. Well if you think about it, what gives you more pleasure? forcing somebody to comply with you, or getting along with them in such a way that they naturally want to do whatever it is that you want to share with them. It’s like the difference between holding a gun to somebody’s head versus them actually enjoying and wanting to be with you. So instead trying to dominate people that there’s a few tips that you might want to take into account when you use psychic seduction techniques.

First of all psychic seduction happens in proximity with people with your energy field. Your energy field has an effect on the energies of those around you. So one of the best ways to turn other people on is to learn to control your own thoughts and your emotions. Unfortunately whether you like it or not your own insecurities, your doubts, your fears, bitterness towards men or women or whatever gets you communicated through your energy field when you’re with somebody. So even if you do a really good job of persuading them to meet you in person, and then after that they don’t ever want to see you again, a lot of that has to do with learning to fix your own energy field.

Now not everybody is compatible but if you’ve gone out and done a lot of walk-ups or done a lot of seduction stuff, or had the experience of getting somebody interested in you then all of a sudden they just have lost interest. Well any kind of incongruence your doubt or fear insecurity on the inside with you gets transmitted through your energy field.

Your energy field is one way of doing psychic seduction another way of doing it is remote influencing. A lot of people are interested in dream invaders, at the same time though it’s your subconscious mind hyper linking to their subconscious mind through the non-local universe and communicating with them telepathically.

A lot of people think it’s just your words. It’s not, it’s actually mostly mental pictures and your emotions, so if your emotions are that you can’t wait to get a piece of “so-and-so” and you need to feel appreciated NOW then guess what…. you need to tailor your your communication in a way that’s meaningful to the other person. the other thing is you also need to follow up with them.

I used to sit in the arm in the bookstores and do psychic seduction techniques to somebody sitting in the same group of chairs. If they don’t have some reason to latch onto why they’re feeling that way a lot of times they’ll either get up and walk away or nothing happens.

In order for this to work, you must follow it up with your actions. There are 3 ways for the person to be open to the telepathic influence. For example If you’re vibrating on the same vibration level or you’re both thinking about romance at the same time and you happen to meet each other and you turn each other on. But as far as getting telepathic messages through so that they actually become aware of the feelings and the thoughts so that they act on them, the best time is either when they’re hypnotized or the or an even better time is when they’re asleep. So either do the dream invaders technique or you learn to create the state the openness in their energy feeling.

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