Signs You Are Spiritually Awake

Spiritual awakening can be a really intense journey for people and its really good to know the symptoms so that you don’t feel like you’re going crazy or losing yourself because you’re definitely not. You’re just turning into a butterfly and your’e emerging out of your cocoon. You’re finally awake to something greater and you’re finally releasing that ego that’s holding you down.

One of the first things you might start seeing about yourself is that you start questioning everything. Whatever the media is telling you, whatever the medicine industries are force feeding you. You want to know why it so important that you are supposed to be taking these medicines, or why is the news telling you these things, and why are you supposed to drink milk so much? You’re questioning all these things, especially the media, and you’re saying, “is this true, is this the reality?” and so you start not accepting any more what you were once told. You start questioning. You start wanting to do your research, and you start expanding your knowledge and trusting your intuition, and start listening a little more and going with what your heart is saying.

We’re told forever that ignoran8ce is bliss and you start to realize that it is not. When you’re silenced and you’re conditioned to all these symptoms of following the herd and being a sheep, you start to want to break free and be that different sheep that can help make a difference, not only in your own life but in other lives as well.

You know you’re spiritually awakening when you start yearning to be free, you want to be free from your job, you want to be out in nature more, you want to break those chains and just break free and become yourself and who you really are. Your authentic self.

You seek to reconnect to nature and all the things that are alive around you and within you. By doing so you really start noticing all the habits that you need to change and all these things that are keeping you back and holding you down from becoming the best you that you can be.

During your awakening process you will find it easier and easier to start letting go of all these old habits that are just holding you down, whether it be smoking, biting your nails, talking badly about yourself to yourself, or not believing in yourself enough.

Sign number three of your spiritual awakening process is that you will start to love all living creatures and all living things. You’ll start to understand more why it’s best not to eat animals and not to harm living things, because they are our friends. They are not our food. We in this ego society built it to where man is above all animals and we can dominate everything, but in nature everything is even, everything is equal, there is no hierarchy, we’re all just one and with that said you don’t want to consume something that’s supposed to be a part of you and help you.

During your enlightenment process you will become way more health-conscious. You will start reading the labels of what food industries are putting in your food and you will start understanding why it’s so important to eat healthy, and clean, and be clean because you are what you eat. So when you eat unhealthy and you eat these GMO products, you yourself are becoming a genetically modified person. So stop eating the bad stuff and start learning how to embrace healthy living healthy eating and you will become so much more spiritually enlightened in that journey as well.

We have been conditioned since birth to do what we are told, and you have to learn when it’s time to say “no more i’m going to break free from these chains and i’m going to learn and embrace how to be a better me”

While you’re awakening you will decide that you no longer want to be a sleeping zombie, and that you want to wake up. You don’t want to just watch what they show you on TV, and buy what they tell you to buy so you can get yourself into debt. You want to break free from all these old habits and become you, and become one with nature, and that’s good.

Number four is that when you start coming out of this deep sleep zombie state, you start seeking so much more wisdom and information. You start to awaken to your higher self and all the needs of your mind body and spirit, you start trusting and listening to your body more, what does it need, what does it crave, are you giving it the love and attention and the nutrition that your body needs.

Sign number five is that you start to want to shed everything that no longer serves you. You want to do the whole “out with the old in with the new” and as you do clear out old stuff, old habits, or material items in your closets and in your home, you start to need less because you realize all that stuff is just stuff, and it’s just holding you down. There’s nothing that you’re benefiting from anymore especially if it’s just sitting in a closet, it is not helping you with your spiritual growth, if anything is holding you back.

A lot of these things that we obtain over time actually just accumulate more debt, and when we have more debt we have more problems, more stress, and when you want to break free from all that you focus on getting rid of that clutter, clear your mind, there’s a saying that I go back to every day “the state of your bed is a state of your head” so if your bed is not made, and your rooms not clean, and your kitchens a mess, you’re going to feel scatterbrain. You’re going to feel so overwhelmed with all this stuff laying around.

You will find that within shedding a lot of these things, you might also start shedding people from your life and cutting those chords, those negative people that keep you down or a circle of friends that aren’t the greatest influence. You’re going to want to seek out people who have the same vibrational thoughts as you, and the same kindred spirits that believe in all these new things or perhaps are on the same journey as you right now, and someone that you can involve with.

Vibe really does attract your tribe, so you always want to put out the energy that you want to bring into your life, whether it’s from friends, family, or the possessions that you do acquire overtime.

Spiritual awakening sign number six is an attitude of gratitude, you’ll start to evolve so much more in this understanding of all your thoughts and how they really do impact your life, and how everything past present and future is so easily manifested by your thoughts. So all those past problems come from all the thoughts, and the way you would think and the way you would create.

Notice how all your thoughts through your whole life have been attracting everything you’ve ever had happened in your life, whether it’s good or bad, just know that all of it was a lesson and it was something for you to grow from, so now it’s time to shed that stuff and get rid of all that negative energy.

Spiritual awakening sign number seven is one of my favorites. When i was first going through my awakening process it was so beautiful to see all these things line up in my life. They could be a series of numbers, they could be animal totems that keep appearing to you, whether you see a coyote crossing the road every day which you hadn’t seen before, or numbers, letters, words, things like these draw your attention to this higher vibrational plane. They’re higher beings trying to help pull you up vibrationally, and it’s really cool when you start have opening your eyes to all these new things because it feels like you’re seeing all these new things. They were always there, but they were in a sense of different dimension, and now with your new magical enlightened spiritually awakened eyes, you’re starting to really see these things and grow from them.

Its important to take a journal and take note of everything that’s happening to you because later on when you reflect on all these things you will see how many things were helping you along your journey.

Spiritual awakening sign number eight is that maybe you’re going through some turbulent times, maybe you’re having major health issues, or have just a lot of bad luck, trauma in your life, or a lot of just bad things happening all at once, that is your cue to take a step back and reevaluate everything. A lot of times when people are diagnosed with terminal cancer they take this new lease on life and they actually grow from it. They do wind up passing in the end, but they lived out the last days of their life in the most beautiful way possible, and they had no fear anymore. A lot of people actually turn back the clocks so to say and they live a lot longer than expected, a lot longer than doctors told them they were going to live because they changed their whole entire mindset. They began to release their ego and just live life the way they wanted to live life. So if you’re having turbulent times, take a step back and evaluate everything. Don’t get so caught up in the emotional side of it. It’s not worth it.

Sign number nine is that it’s really important to stay focused and center during this emotional roller coaster because when we’re spiritually awakening, itcan happen really really fast and it can trigger a lot of emotions. Some of those emotions can be old emotions that are starting to bubble up within us, and this is our time to release them. Make peace with them and release them. Let go of those old past pains in your life. If something bad happen to you as a child, grow from it learn from it. Make peace from it and emerge from it, let it go. This is so important because a lot of people, when they start bubbling up all these old emotions, past traumas, and bad things that happen in their life, they just dwell in it and they stay in that vibration and they don’t grow and learn from it. So during this spiritual awakening process, as your emotional state is all chaotic, learn to center yourself and make peace with these emotions and just set them free.

Spiritual awakening sign number ten revolves around the throat chakra. There’s a lot of people that experience somewhat of a lump in their throat or they feel like they have a frog in their throat. It’s really interesting because most of these people don’t realize that when they were young and started to emerge into the adult culture of responsibility, they started closing off their throat chakra. When they did that they lost their creative expression, and they didn’t say what they wanted to say on their mind anymore, they didn’t experience life in a magical way, they didn’t do all these things that they used to do as a child because they’ve been silenced and they’ve been conditioned to just get in the workforce and start working nine to five everyday. Don’t question just do. The throat chakra vibrates with the color blue and this is a time when we start to activate the throat chakra and we start really expressing what’s in our hearts and our minds once again for the first time in our lives sometimes. Most of its it’s been a long time since we’ve been able to do that, and so this weird throat blockage is starting to open and you’re starting to feel that really work itself and work its magic. So with that open vibration, you start to feel like a whole new soul is coming forth. It’s your awakening.

These are 10 signs you’re awaking spiritually. Thanks for reading.

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