The Honest Truth About Fear, Curses

Fear is the worst dis-ease you can never put yourself in. It is the strongest vibration in alignment with hate and anger and when you manifest in a state of fear, you manifest a really low vibrational state and this is where demonic forces, curses and just lower vibrational entities can enter your life and really take hold and run you down this downward spiral.

There’s a ton of people that operate from this place of fear and they’re so afraid of what can happen if they make a change or try to change something in their life that they rather stay in their comfort zone and not progress at all. In doing so they actually start getting more and more into this darker place because they start to fear everything any kind of change is very very scary for them. They don’t realize that in not making that change they’re actually doing a disservice to not only the reason why they’re back here on earth but to themselves and to everyone that’s around them. I have come to find in the past couple years a lot of people seem to feel that they’re always under a curse or someone had placed a curse on them of some sort and I always take a step back and think why do they think that? why do they allow that to be part of their lives? and why are they almost welcoming that into their lives?because when you open up your mind to magic of the swords you’re also opening up to all the different vibrations because now you’re aware.

In this aware state when you operate in a state of fear you’re literally welcoming in this low vibrational entities, so if someone tells you i have placed a curse on you and you don’t rise up and become greater than that vibration, you’re literally become equal to that vibration and you’re opening the doors to it. So if you start getting bad luck, bad health, and just bad energy in general in your life it’s because you allowed it in. So before you start accusing and blaming others of placing hexes and curses on you, you have to learn how to shield yourself and raise your vibration to a higher level of vibration so that you don’t attract the vibration that is being given to you.

Let’s think for a second what is fear and where does it come from? It comes from us, its something that is so deep within us, in our shadow self, it’s in the deepest depths part of our soul and if we don’t learn to face it head-on, make peace with it, we will just let that grow and grow and grow because we’re suppressing this anger or hurt whatever is in our lives, from the past or even this life with what’s going through it right now. You’re just suppressing this anger instead of facing it.

The greatest challenge you can ever have in your life is to actually face everything, all the darkest aspects of you, no matter how afraid you are just face them, make peace with them and know that they are a part of you. This is the balance of light and dark and it’s always said that magic is what you make of it. Magic is an energy and if you make it a negative energy to inflict harm on others, you’re going to get it back tenfold. When you’re doing white magic for example, everything you put out, you’re putting out with good intent and no no intentions of harming anyone. Fear can control our ego and when we let our ego get out of control we start to believe that we’re better than everyone else and that we are worthy and entitled to every single thing above all else no matter how it affects or hurts others around us.

If our ego is not in balance with the rest of our emotions, and its chaotic and blowing out of proportion, then you’re going to attract a really powerful energy but it’s not necessarily a good energy and you can really take from you in return because you’re not giving it love and you’re not feeding it love. It’s going take what you’re giving it and that’s an ego-driven fear-based power.

A lot of people have asked me about negative energy in their home and how to get rid of it and why it’s there in the first place, but after talking to them for a little bit sometimes I realized that there is someone who’s abusing drugs or alcohol in their home and when you let this person get to you, you’re working at this place again of fear and hate and you’re depressed and when you’re opening yourself up to all these drugs and things that are not letting you awaken to your fullest highest potential, you’re weakening your aura, you’re weakening everything about you, and you’re lowering your vibration to such a state that you’re starting to attract all these negative entities into your house because you’re weak, your auras weak, and your energies weak so they feed off that fear and that anger and that depression and when they feed off that, they take you down further and further and further and sometimes it gets so bad that it gets to a point that’s hard to recover from this energy.

But you can’t let this dark energy fill your heart with fear. You can always recover the problem. With a lot of drug addicts, the problem is that they get to the point in a vibrational state that they feel that they can never ever be as happy and healthy as they once were and they’re always going to seek further and further and deeper into this darkness because they feel like it’s giving them something but they forget that that’s something that they’re getting is only temporary it is not in the long term and is not in the long run.

Those who do operate from a place of fear do tend to turn to drugs and alcohol because it makes them feel powerful and it feels like they can accomplish something when they’re on this high, but it’s not a true vibrational high. It’s a temporary high, a temporary fix to a problem that’s not being solved. The problems that dwell deep within their soul need to be addressed and they need to be faced head-on so that they can make peace with them and learn to love themselves for every flaw that they have within them.

When people sell their souls they’re actually selling their happiness and the beautiful vibration that they could offer the world, instead they’re getting this monetary gain in return for their energy and their love, their light and they’re light will continue to diminish the longer that they stay in that vibration. They can always break free from it because that is our law free will. We always have a choice to rise up or drop down when we are facing low vibrational entities, it’s always a really important step to make sure that you are raising your vibration to the highest level possible, even if that means you going to church to feel a little bit more spiritual because you’re going to face something that’s dark, and whether it’s something coming from you or your family, or someone who lives in your home, if you’re trying to clear that energy you need to be at a higher vibrational level than it so that you can clear it away and fill that void of energy with your positive light and energy and no fear, because fear is the thing that will keep this low vibrational energy manifesting because it feeds off this.

There are some people who choose to work in magic with this low vibrational energy because they see that they can gain this power really really quick and to them they’re more comfortable with that because they don’t want to do the work to do long-term manifestation goals.

What is God and what is the devil? The devil is the darkness that dwells within us and God is light that dwells within us. It’s in nature, it’s in everything around us. With light there’s always darkness, we need this balance. This is what keeps us unique. if we have all ego and no love then there’s an imbalance. If we have all hate and no happiness there is an imbalance. We always need to have a balance and that is the part of a spiritual awakening, its that you’re learning to make peace with these things and you’re learning to find that balance. I myself find times where i go back to listening to my goth music for a day and I want to hear heavy metal and i still love those moments to rock out to bands like that, but I don’t need to dwell in that vibration forever. It’s just enough to maybe reconnect my past reconnect to my dark side and then move on. I’m able to move forward and go out again and see the light and even newer more happier vibration with better fresher eyes and when you do visit your dark side you can emerge a lot brighter. So that’s why i always say with balancing, you want to learn from this vibration and you want to grow from it, if you’re not learning to grow from it then you’re getting stuck.

Never allow yourself to get stuck at any vibration good or bad you need to have that rollercoaster so that you can learn to be centered through it all because that is very powerful and if in doing all of that you have the utmost love and respect for yourself, you will always grow and advance and even when you are depressed you know that it will pass and when you are in a state of fear you know that it will pass as well.

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