Are you blocking money from coming into your life?

What are money blocks?

Money blocks are things that we impose upon ourselves. Money blocks are belifes in the law of attraction where instead attracting things to us like money for example, we a lock the money from coming to us.

Take a twenty dollar US bill for example, what is twenty dollars? it’s a piece of paper. This is simply piece a paper used as currency and you exchange this for goods and services like food, your place of living or whatever. You need money to keep on living, but a twenty dollar bill is simply a piece of paper. It has no personality, it has no feelings, it has nothing ascribed to it. Therefore a twenty dollar bill or a fifty dollar bill or a hundred-dollar bill does not care who owns it. It doesn’t care who has it, it doesn’t care if you have it. This twenty dollar bill has no emotions whatsoever.

The law of attraction says as you put out, so shall you receive, so if you’re blocking it by thinking for example if you’re one of those people in is always looking at rich people and think “Greedy rich people are not deserving rich people! They get all money and I get nothing!”… Well, thats a block and that’s holding you back. Thats preventing you from having the things that you deserve, your share in the money.

When you stop competing, when you stop fighting with other people, when you stop thinking negative thoughts about money in particular, when you start believing that you can attract anything that you wish and you are deserving of any amount of money that you set your mind to, you begin to start attracting this to you.

How do you attract money to your self? You attract money to yourself by giving service “as you sow so shall you reap” that’s written in a very famous old Testament book and this is something that has always proven true. How much crops can a farmer get? How much is the farmer willing to plant? How many people are you willing to help? how many people you willing to serve? How much service you are prepared to give will be rewarded by the amount of money that you get in return. These are the methods and systems that you need to be applying, not money blocks.  There’s a group right now I see across my time line on Facebook every single day, it’s this ninety percent the ninety-eight percent of people that are being victimized by the two percent 2%. That crap, there will always be people that are richer than you, there will always be people more poor than you, it doesn’t matter about the rich, it doesn’t matter about the poor, all you need to be concerned about is yourself. Provide good service go out and share, go out and give and it will be brought back to you.

Get rid of that money block immediately to see changes. Here’s one tip I have free this week starting today, anything that falls into your hands moneywise, maybe you’re walking down street and you find a penny. Show gratitude and say thanks for that Penny, say thanks to the universe providing it because as soon as you start to appreciate what’s coming in, more will be given to you. Its amazing, it’s not mysterious, it’s not magical, it’s not supernatural, it’s just the way the system works.

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