Protect yourself with the color pink & with mirrors from negative energy

I want you to think about what love is. What do you thunk it is? Love is all that their ever has been, so it’s perfection and in its perfection it is a protection. I like to think of pink as representing the heart center where love resides. That’s our connection with the universal creator. Pink is a very powerful color to be used in protection.

What I usually teach In readings and consultations is to imagine a pink bubble of love surrounding yourself and if you have problems imagining this or visualizing it, try and pretend like you’re blowing a this giant bubble pink gum bubble, you know that old fashioned bubble gum that we used to get as kids? My guess they probably still make it. Its a really great way of visualizing or remembering what that pink bubble would look like. So imagine that pink bubble a love surrounding you, so you’re gonna blow the bubble is biggest takes for you to get into it and feel protected and loved.

Of course this is all very symbolic you don’t actually get into the bubble, but your energy field does. So that pink bubble protection only allows positive energies to come through and acts like a filter, so you can still see what’s going on around you, maybe somebody arguing, but the negative affects and arguments don’t come through to your energy.

That’s the first and probably always the first thing that I tell anybody about when talking about psychic protection.

So now on to tip #2 which is for psychic protection as well, and is putting yourself into a mirrored ball. This is the type of ball that they have at dance halls on the ceiling. The ones with lots of little mirrors all around it. As it swirls around it reflects the light of mirrors in the room. What you’re gonna be using it for is to reflect negativity from coming towards you.

So in this ball, any negative energy that comes towards you would be reflected back to its source. The thing is it will reflect back positive energy, only good vibrations. So you want to use this particular tip in certain situations very sparingly. For example if you’re going to a family get together, and you know that there’s been a lot of arguing and bickering and bitter energy going back and forth you don’t want to get caught up into it, then put this mirrored ball around you. You can still be in the family, still interact but not be bombarded with this bad stuff that’s going on.

So its something that you can use on occasion, not something you use all the time. The pink bubble love of course is something you can use all day every day. So there you have it, two tips to use for psychic protection.

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