Why don’t my witchcraft spells work? 5 Tips

Why don’t my spells work? This is a question that get asked alot. Here are five tips to Casting more effective witchcraft spells.

Don’t linger on your energy

One of the worst mistakes that we ake as modern practitioners is that we get caught up in thinking the minute you cast a spell, 30 seconds later you start to wonder is it really gonna work? Did I really do it right? Don’t worry about any of that stuff! Once you cast it, let it be,

Anticipate the interference

We’re all taught to use divination before we cast a spell, but we’re not really taught what we’re supposed to be looking for. If you’re worried about casting effective spells, then that’s what you need to be asking. How do I cast the spell effectively? What do i need to do in order to really make it work?Sometimes you’ll find that spirits might have something to say about it, or maybe you have something to say about it, and you’re just not being honest with yourself. Either way the best way to make sure that your spell’s are going to work, is to actually look and see if they’re going to work, and if the answer is no then you need to follow it up with “what do I need to do to make it work?”

Do the legwork

It’s not enough just to cast a spell for money and then not go to your day job. One of the things that we often talk about is making sure that energy is going going to follow the path of least resistance. Here’s a really good example, one of the ways that we get into our own way is not doing the legwork. So fix that next time you cast a spell. How you fix that is actually by thinking about what you’re going to need to do in order to make it real. That means that if you’re going to cast a spell for money don’t just play lottery, actually go look for new opportunities, look for ways that you can open up that road for yourself. If you’re going to cast a spell for love then actually make sure you love yourself. Love spells? those are tricky.

The best love spell you can cast is a love spell on yourself and by making those little changes, somebody’s going to be a try to you. Confidence is sexy.

Feel the power

What i mean by this is it’s not enough to stand up and invoke something, cast your spell and walk away and with questions. The best way to know that your spell’s work is that you feel them, you gotta feel them in your gut, you gotta feel them in your blood. What we do in my tradition is that we approach spell-casting and ritual casting and any sort of magic with the idea in the concept rooted into our heart that we have to feel the energy moving through us. If we don’t feel the energy moving through us we take more time. Magick isn’t a game and magic isn’t a race.

Cast more spells

I know it might sound a little strange but practice makes perfect and makes the devil pretty happy…… just kidding. But in all seriousness the more spells you cast the more confident you’re going to be with your magic and more confident you’re going to be with the way that your magic is manifesting. Another thing that I like to do is make a little side note after you spell.

Once you cast a spell and you find out that yes, it has been effective, write it down in your journal or book of shadows and ask yourself, how did it feel when I casted that spell? What did i do that made me know this spell worked? In return, how do you know that the spells going to work again?

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