Is Astrology Real? How does it work?

For those of you that are very scientific, practical, and aren’t totally convinced that astrology works, I invite you to try and implement it in your personal life. Most of the time I hear people criticize astrology they haven’t actually tried it personally and implemented it other than maybe their mainstream sun signs. For those of you who are familiar with the art science and have applied it personally, this article will give you my general look on the subject of astrology, how I believe it works and I believe it can best be implemented and utilized in our personal lives for.

For many years mankind has viewed the universe as an arena of cause and effect for each piece of the universe can be traced back to a series of actions placed on it by something else. Whether it’s adam and eve or the Big Bang, all elements are here because some other thing acted upon it giving it the characteristics and location it has today. This is how many astrologers have viewed the stars and planets for many centuries. They have viewed them as bodies in the sky having some effect on us. This can be most noticeably observed in the Vedic traditions, the sanskrit word for planets literally sees and lay a hold of our being influencing certain actions we take.

While cause and effect is certainly an important fundamental principle of our universe, perhaps this isn’t what explains how astrology works. thanks to the discoveries of Carl Young and the early to mid-twentieth century, we now understand that perhaps there is something more to the so-called “planetary influences”

Synchronicity as coined by young occurs when two events take place that are connected by meaning but are not causally related. In other words when a planet enters a constellation, perhaps the stars and the planet itself are not influencing us directly, but instead the event simply coincides with our personal ones. Shamans, clerics, philosophers, and recently scientists have postulated that perhaps we are living in an interconnected universe. That everything within it is having a fundamental shared experience, by observing the experiences of any one piece of the universe we can determine synchronicity, the commonality of what every other piece might be experiencing at that time.

Since planetary orbit is consistent, astrology is a very good tool for predicting future experiences with precision. Using astrology we can look at the placement of celestial bodies, to determine what the experience is symbolized and what similar ones we will be experiencing at that same point in time. Through continuous observation of these celestial events, we can continue to sharpen our understanding of what they are saying about our personal and collective experiences here on earth.

Although astrology is often used to determine which external experiences will transpire such as financial windfalls or a new relationship, what astrology is actually showing us is what type of experiences are taking place internally. It is done through observing the location and relationship between the planets that helps us determine what shared experiences are likely taking place within us. This concept goes back to the ancient universal understanding that our internal environment mirrors are external one. As within so with out. What state of being we’re in mentally emotionally and spiritually reflects our outside environment, likewise what is going on outside reflects internally. This relationship between inner and outer experiences forms the heart of how astrology can be used.

Since astrology starts by looking at an external environment such as a planet in a constellation, we are in a sense working backwards. We observe an external event to see what’s going on internally. This one step process is the point of highest accuracy, since it involves one external and one internal event. It is possible however to take the process one step further, once we have discovered what the internal environment is, we can predict what the external one will likely be. Keep in mind however that this dilutes the process slightly since we are working from an external to an internal, to an external again. Predicting outside experiences can be done with a high level of accuracy but only through a thorough understanding of the internal ones first, and even then not is precisely. This makes astrology a tool best used for understanding internal experiences primarily and external ones secondarily.

So is it that astrology works through planetary influence? or is it there synchronicity? or maybe there’s a completely different way. ¬†Thanks for reading.

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