How matras work

Mantras work on the principle of ‘like-attracts-like’. When you are chanting a mantra, you are immersing your body and your environment with the vibrations created by the sounds of the words – which are believed to be the sound of the vibration that that spiritual principle actually makes if you could hear it!

For instance, if you could physically hear the vibration of the energy of Prosperity, it would sound like “SHREEM”, and so SHREEM is an important part of the mantras for Prosperity. By filling your environment with the vibration of Prosperity, Prosperity will naturally begin to manifest in your life.

If you chant a mantra aloud long enough you will begin to feel the energy of the atmosphere around you change. This vibration will match the vibration of whatever goal the mantra was intended to achieve.

The longer you chant, the longer you will sustain and release the energy of your mantra-spell out into the Universe where it can manifest. Repetition of the chant on a regular basis is important until you have attained your goal. People who decide you use mantras as a regular part of their spiritual practice usually obtain or make a string of japa, or prayer, beads to help them keep track of how many times they have said a particular chant. In the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, mantras are usually repeated in some multiple of the sacred number 108, and so most malas, or rosaries, have 108 beads.