The Meaning of the Encircled Pentagram

Consider the symbol of the encircled pentagram. The pentagram is often said to represent Baphomet and Lucifer but this same symbol has always been symbolic of love faith and sexuality. It’s a symbol of the goddess Venus, in point of fact it’s the astronomical and astrological representation of the rotating cycle of the planet Venus in its path through the heavens.

Venus is the actual morning star, in view of the fact that Venus is extremely close to the Sun, its rotation never moves it very far away from the Sun from our perspective here on earth. As we rotate and as Venus rotates, it either rises on our horizon just before the Sun or if it’s on the other side of the Sun from our perspective, it follows the sundown after sunset. Consequently it’s the morning star and it sometimes the evening star.

When viewed from Earth successive inferior conjunctions of Venus plot a nearly perfect pentagram shape around the zodiac every eight years. One would see a pentagram by picking any sunrise date on which the morning star is prominent and then repeating this observation at 584 day intervals following that date for 8 years. All of these things are left out of our common teachings while the symbol itself is demonized. Just as are the deities connected with the symbol.