The number 666

What does the number 666 mean?

We have a very interesting number to go into today. It is 666 and no it is not the devil number. Movies predominantly have given us this idea that 666 means demons or the devil is present. That is not what it means if you see the number 666 or 6666. What it means is that you are too invested in the material world. In other words, you’re just focus so much on making things work, you have forgotten your spiritual side, and you need to get that balance back.

So if you really focus on your spiritual side, you will see that the things new material world or automatically happen. You don’t even have to try, everything will come back in balance. We all get out of balance because we live in this society.

So realize no one is immune to being too focused on the material world, we all have to make money and make a living and that’s important, but if you start getting into your spiritual side more and you get more balance, you’ll see that all of the material needs will be met. So 666, it’s an important number. I repeat, it is not the devil entering your life so let that one go! The angels are letting you know that they’re here to help you bring balance back into your life and let the material world take a step back and focus more on your spiritual self.